Hi Senator and Ashira! I was going to send you a letter but I thought I would send you a video instead. I just wanted to tell you what a fantastic time my family and I had at your farm. We absolutely loved the farmhouse. We sat by the fireplace every night and walked for miles around your farm. It really felt like a home away from home.

My husband and I were so impressed that you would take the time to show our children how to milk your wonderful goats, feed the chickens, and collect the eggs........

We really enjoyed our peaceful stay at Blue River Farm. As senior citizens this brought back many childhood memories. We have lived in the city for 40 years and forgot the great fresh air smell. We watched the birds at the feeder while we had morning coffee on the huge back porch. It was a pleasure to have fresh eggs and vegetables from the garden. The serenity while sitting on the rivers edge was refreshing. Everything we wanted was supplied. The full moon on our last night there was brilliant. We have stayed in vacation rentals all over the United States and this has become one of our favorites.

Floyd and Louise - Born and raised in Pennsylvania

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed my visit. When my driver pulled up and opened the door the welcoming crew was ready. The Blue River Farm spokesperson, Patchy, introduced me to everyone who runs the huge property. The entire week I was there, all the employees made me feel like I really belonged. I was tempted to chase a chicken, but Bell (the queen of Blue River, said I would have to be contained if I did so. Grace, the main hostess said not to worry about Bell her growl was worse than her bite. Charlett was always busy watching the puppies so I didn’t get to know her well. She came to see me in the evening when the little ones were asleep. I ran with the pack all week and just like my trainer said I would ---I lost a few pounds. Patchy was a great tour guide and we became very good friends. Usually when my staff takes vacation I have to stay in what is called a kennel. Thank you so much for maintaining this farm where my species can enjoy a vacation.

Dusty Dan Dog - Carrollton, Ohio

“We had a wonderful time here on the farm. The kids had a good time fishing and swimming in the river, not to mention the wonderful sidekick, Patchy, the dachshund. The boys and our little girl loved having Patchy with us on the farm. We couldn’t ask for a more enjoyable vacation and Richard and Ashira are wonderful. They made us feel so welcomed.

Our little girl, Narissa, loved feeding the goats and chickens as well as playing chase with Patchy. This was a wonderful experience that we will never forget and as a family, I think we are a little closer after our time here. We can’t wait to return for another vacation.

The Sum Family

The Kelley family really enjoyed our stay on a beautiful Indiana farm. Richard and Ashira are so gracious to share their lives and home with all the guests. Our little ones loved the animals and exploring the farmhouse. The grandparents loved the rocking chairs and getting back to nature. May all of you who stay here pack with you some most wonderful memories.

The Kelley Family

We had such a wonderful time here on the farm. From the moment we arrived and were greeted by all the dogs until we had to say goodbye, we truly enjoyed every minute. The boys enjoyed feeding the baby goats (be careful, they might try to eat your shorts !). The river was extremely refreshing and we all caught several fish. We appreciate the fresh vegetables and eggs. I think the highlight of the trip was Patchy. We all really enjoyed his company. Thank you for providing such a memorable experience.

The Polk Family

We are traveling back to our home in Kansas from a vacation in Tennessee and we were so glad to have stayed at this beautiful farm on our way! We enjoyed the “hot pool” as our kids refer to the hot tub, a hike down to the river, and watching the animals. Thank you so much for allowing us to spend some much needed time for rest and relaxation at your beautiful farm. We loved it here!

The Martins

At first my family and I didn’t know what to expect, except that it could be one of the best vacations we ever had. To our surprise, it exceeded our expectations! My family enjoyed all the attraction on the farm including vegetable picking, egg collecting, and sightseeing all the animals on the farm. For myself, I took the pleasure of fishing the Blue River. In my opinion, the Blue River is one of the best places to fish! The fact that it was Fourth of July made the whole vacation even better! Thank you for providing such a great experience!

The Won Family

Richard and Ashira: What a fabulous place you have here! The kids can run and play with no worries while the parents relax and enjoy the views. We loved going down to the river and letting the kids jump in. We greatly appreciate the fresh lettuce you allowed us to cut. It was great. With all the wonderful amenities so close by, this will now be our home away from home. Thanks so much for your great hospitality. It made our vacation even that much more relaxing.

The Keith Family

We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the farm. Our children, ages 7, 4, and 2 loved every minute of our time here as well. The home has everything we needed for a relaxing, peaceful, simple time away. Highlights were picking vegetables and cooking with the fresh eggs, fishing, and skipping rocks on the river and picking blueberries nearby. You have been very hospitable. We will cherish happy memories of our vacation to the Blue River Valley Farm.

The Niebrugge Family

I grew up milking cows and feeding chickens and other animals and then raised my children and grandchildren in a big city. What a wonderful way to show them what living in the country was like. All the animals and the experience for them was a wonderful treat to see a different life right on a waterway that flows to another big river that brings the way the earth works to life. And the stars at night, WOW! We will return and tell everyone what a great place, clean home, and gracious hosts we found here!

The Deppert Family

Blue River Valley Farm is a great vacation spot. We had an unforgettable family vacation with so many memories to cherish. From picking berries and catching fireflies to fishing in the river and petting all the animals. Our children couldn’t get enough of all the dogs, especially Patchy. The Youngs went out of their way to build us a bonfire pit. The smores hit the spot! Thank you for the hospitality. It was second to none!

The Micciche Family

We thought it was really fun! Because we got to milk a goat, feed a goat, feed chickens, and pick eggs. My favorite part was playing with a dog named Patchy. We also got to go to the river. I really want to come back!

Clara Bell, age 8 and the Woods Family

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